Topcon X20

Topcon X20


The Topcon X20 console adds value throughout the farming cycle, providing increased efficiency and enhanced capabilities to tractors and sprayers. First, and most simply, it can be a rate controller, replacing existing Raven, Dickey-John, Mid-Tech, Micro-Trac or other rate controllers for liquid, granular, or injection control systems.

In addition, it provides the enhanced functionality of Automated Section Control (ASC) with the industry leading capability to control up to 30 individual or grouped boom sections.

The unit can also be used for single and multiple product variable rate control, all from a color touch screen. The X20’s large, highly visible screen allows the operator to intuitively understand sophisticated multiple product control and Variable Rate Control in a very intuitive, user-friendly way. Plus, the system can be run with the optional ProSteer module to enable autosteering of the tractor or sprayer along with the other functions.