Outback S2

Outback S2

SKU: obk-s2

The Outback S2 introduces the next generation of performance to the OUTBACK Guidance product family. The new design combines the market-proven Outback S simplicity together with the latest developments in Crescent GPS receiver technology. This powerful combination will be the platform for years of future upgrades and additions. If you are a first time user of Outback products, please acquaint yourself with these simple step-by-step instructions. You will find many useful tips and suggestions to help you get the most from your investment. If you are a seasoned Outback S user, you will find the new Outback S2 user interface very familiar. We have made numerous enhancements, however, and suggest you acquaint yourself with these new features. The accuracy and functionality of the S2 is extended by using it in combination with the Outback eDriveTC GPS assisted steering system and the Outback BaseLineHD. Once eDriveTC is engaged, it uses GPS technology to automatically steer the tractor. As a result it provides more uniform treatments, extends hours of operation, and requires less driver skill. Not only does eDriveTC steer more accurately than humanly possible, it now includes the Tilt Compensation (TC) feature. Tilt Compensation corrects for GPS position errors caused when driving on slopes in the terrain. This compensation is essential for precision applications. Outback S2 and eDriveTC combined with BaselineHD provide repeatable four inch pass to pass accuracy. With BaseLineHD, the minimum guidance speed has now been lowered to 0.25 m.p.h. and the elevation is available as an option on the Outback S2 display screen.



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